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Why FFT AG Products?

The simple answer is that field testing has demonstrated yield increases ranging between 20% to 100%. And that is across multiple crops.

  • Tests show that plants mature faster
  • Tests have shown higher quality produce
  • Tests indicate a reduced need for fertilizers and insecticides

FFT Agriculture Products

  • AG-FORCE GT: Soil Conditioner
  • AG_FORCE I: Plant Preparation
  • AG-FORCE II: Compost Inoculant
  • AG-FORCE III: Plant Protectant
  • AG-FORCE IV: Wetting Agent


AG-FORCE GT (Soil Conditioner)

AG-FORCE GT helps to improve the amount of mineral uptake in soil. Soil conditioner is made up of decayed organic matter. It is added to soil to improve drainage and airflow. It also keeps nutrients and moisture near the roots.

AG-FORCE GT is a natural, organic, safe and effective soil conditioner designed for use on fine greens and turfgrass. In the root zone, AG-FORGE GT eliminates soil water repellency, the cause of LDS (Localized Dry Spot). AG-FORCE GT enhances the overall movement and infiltration of water in the root zone, maximizing the performance of Greens and Turf.

AG-FORCE GT is water soluble and is applied with conventional equipment. A single full rate application will provide 3-4 months relief from water repellency challenges such as LDS.

Number of applications depends on the growing season and geographic location.


AG-FORCE I Plant Preparations prepares the plant for a more robust uptake of minerals and nutrients.

A number of preparations for the protection from diseases, pests and various environmental stresses is used in modern agriculture.  Most of artificial and are not destroyed either by plant enzymes or physical and chemical inputs.  This leads to accumulation in harvested crops and in organisms of animals.  Science details that plants synthesize their own protective agents as a response to less than adequate environments.  However, rates of synthesis and amount of absorption can be insufficient.

Boosting these substances from natural raw material for plant treatment can highlight their resistance and increase yields of agricultural crops.

  • FFT AG-FORCE I has proven to be a highly effective and natural tool for the plant issues. 
  • FFT AG-FORCE I is the answer for plant growth stimulation and protection. 

Stimulated by water, FFT AG-FORCE I is to be applied at the root zone and foliage.


AG-FORCE III - Increase Disease Resistance

Disease resistance… Increases photosynthesis uptake of plant, thus increasing brix. With the increase in Brix the plants natural immune system increases.

FFT AG-FORCE III is a patented proprietary formula bases on naturally occurring plant extracted bio-chemicals. Specific bio-chemicals that have been selected, concentrated and blended to produce the desired effect of eliciting specific systemic plant defense pathways.

AG-FORCE III while not targeting the disease itself, acts in a different manner known as Systemic Acquired Resistance (SAR). The treated plant inhibits the disease through its own defense mechanisms. AG-FORCE III is a natural source plant defense “activator”. This defense activation can be beneficial in controlling several types of fungal and bacterial diseases.

Aphid Test Summary

–30' x 60' greenhouse
–Identical Plant Groups
–Control Group (Non Treated)
–AG-FORCE III Group (Treated)
–10’ of Separation Between Groups
–All Fans Turned Off
–AG-FORCE III Group Sprayed Twice Weekly


Aphids are introduced to the non treated group. Aphids Detected For The Entirety of The Test For The Non Treated Group. No Detectable Aphid Migration to AG-FORCE III Group

Performed Another Test To Add Aphids To AG-FORCE III Group. Aphids Not Detected After 24 Hours


AG-FORCE III Root Ball Test

Non Treated Seed (Control Group)

  • 14 Day Growing Period
  • Most Root Balls Healthy

AG-FORCE III Treated Seeds

  • 14 Day Growing Period
  • Root Balls 50%+ Greater Volume Vs Control Group


AG-FORCE III Brix Levels



85% More Yield with AG-FORCE I

corn Test of AG-FORCE I on Organic Corn. 

Test is on a 4 acre plot with a 50 year planting history via traditional farming. 

The AG FORCE I is applied at a rate of 6 oz per acre.

  • Non AG-Force yield: 90-110 bushels/acre
  • AG-Force I yield: 185 bushels/acre

AG-FORCE Treatment Increased Yield 85%

Composting Up 330%

FFT AG-FORCE II breaks down the naturally occurring micro-nutrients making these micro-nutrients exponentially more readily available to the naturally occurring bacteria and fungi. 

Together, they work to in overdrive to convert organic wastes to quality compost.  FFT AG-FORCE II is not a micro nutrient system.  There are no enzymes or bacteria in our product.  



We provide the energy needed to jumpstart decomposition.  FFT AG-FORCE II Compost Inoculant accelerates the compositing process, controls odors and invites the necessary natural environmental hosts. 

Strong smells are eliminated because of this naturally occurring process.

For use in an enclosed bin or an open pile
5 year shelf life



Wetting Agent Increases Yield

AG-FORCE IV (Wetting Agent) A substance that reduces the surface tension of a liquid, causing the liquid to spread across or penetrate more easily the surface of a solid.

Wetting Agents can make a significant difference in the moisture quality of a soils profile. This in turn can have an integrated effect on the health of the soil life, improved oxygen and water movement and improved nutrient availability.

AG-FORCE IV is a natural, organic, safe and effective soil wetting agent designed for use on agricultural fields. In the root zone, AG-FORCE IV eliminates soil water repellency. AG-FORCE IV enhances the overall movement and infiltration of water in the root zone, maximizing the performance of nutrient availability in the soil.

AG-FORCE IV is water soluble and is applied with conventional equipment. A single full rate application will provide 3-4 months relief from water repellency challenges. The number of applications depends on the growing season and geographic location.

  1. soySoy Beans    
    1. 50 (Untreated Control Bushels Per Acre)
    2. 63 (AG-FORCE IV Treated Bushels Per Acre)
    3. 26% Yield Increase
  2. Corn           
    1. 160 (Untreated Control Bushels Per Acre)
    2. 192 (AG-FORCE IV Treated Bushels Per Acre)
    3. 20% Yield Increase Using AG-FORCE IV