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FFT Agriculture Products

Historically chemicals and growth additives have been anything but green. 
Regulatory and societal pressures are increasing for businesses of all types to migrate toward the adoption of green practices. 

Too often “GREEN” solutions cost more and do less than traditional solutions. The exception to that rule are FFT products. FFT products are made from a renewable resource, they are 100% based on plant materials and unlike traditional Turf chemicals there are no harmful residuals. 

AG-Force l

AG-Force l releases nutrients trapped in a plants rootzone, through an increase in the cation-exchange capacity of the soil. That increase of the CEC causes a healthy plant that gains increased photosynthesis and plant resistance. Another benefit of AG-Force l is the reduction in your fertility program by 30%-50%, along with herbicides, pesticides and fungicides.

Another major benefit of AG-Force l is the ability to deter mole crickets, army worms, beetles, chinch bugs and other unwanted insects. AG-Force l's ability to deter insects while still being a natural and green product is unmatched in the agriculture market.

  • Releases nutrients without side effects
  • Deters insects
  • Reduces fertility program, insecticide, herbicide and fungicide need

AG-Force GT

AG-Force GT is a natural soil conditioner, made up of decayed organic matter, that increase the amount of minerals in your soil. Once introduced into your soil AG-Force GT improves drainage and airflow. While also causing nutrients and moisture to be kept near the rootzone.

AG-Force GT is also highly effective at eliminating soil water repellency, the cause of localized dry spots. One application is capable of relieving soil water repellency up to 4 months. On top of that AG-Force GT creates an increase in soil microbial activity.

  • AG-Force GT causes no negative side effects
  • AG-Force GT increase amount of minerals in soil
  • AG-Force GT breaks down caked soil creating a healthy soil
  • AG-Force GT eliminates soil water repellency

AG-Force ll

AG-Force ll naturally breaks down micro-nutrients found within compost, making them more readily available to naturally occurring fungi and bacteria, Greatly accelerating the degradation of the components to the hydrocarbon level.
AG-Force ll contains no enzymes or bacteria in it's make up. Instead using what is already present in the compost provides a jumpstart to the decomposition process.

  • AG-Force ll encourages naturally occurring environmental host to decompose compost
  • AG-Force ll accelerates composting process
  • AG-Force ll controls odors

AG-Force lll

AG-FORCE III increases photosynthesis uptake of plant, thus increasing brix.  With the increase in Brix the plants natural immune system increases.

FFT AG-FORCE III is a patented proprietary formula bases on naturally occurring plant extracted bio-chemicals.  Specific bio-chemicals that have been selected, concentrated and blended to produce the desired effect of eliciting specific systemic plant defense pathways.

AG-FORCE III while not targeting the disease itself, acts in a different manner known as Systemic Acquired Resistance (SAR).  The treated plant inhibits the disease through its own defense mechanisms. 

AG-FORCE III is a natural source plant defense “activator”. This defense activation can be beneficial in controlling several types of fungal and bacterial diseases.

AG-Force lV

AG-FORCE IV (Wetting Agent) A substance that reduces the surface tension of a liquid, causing the liquid to spread across or penetrate more easily the surface of a solid.

AG-Force lV can make a significant difference in the moisture quality of a soils profile.  This in turn can have an integrated effect on the health of the soil life, improved oxygen and water movement and improved nutrient availability.

  • AG-Force lV eliminates soil water repellency
  • AG-Force lV enhances movement and infiltration of water in the rootzone
  • AG-Force lV helps maximize nutrient availability in soil

FFT ECSIA Aquaculture/Hydroponics

FFT ECSIA FORCE AQUACULTURE/Hydroponics assists in the breakdown of biosolids, TSS (Total Suspended Solids) and TDS (Total Dissolved Solids), making for a  cleaner aquatic environment for fish and crustaceans.
That cleaner environment FFT ECSIA Aquaculture/Hydroponics helps to decrease the risk of disease and stress on fish and crustaceans.

  • FFT ECSIA Aquaculture/Hydroponics  helps breakdown biosolids, TSS and TDS
  • FFT ECSIA Aquaculture/Hydroponics  decreases diseases and stress on fish and crustaceans

Historically chemicals and growth additives have been anything but green. 

FFT AGRICULTURE Products - Reference Grid

Product Packaging Size MSDS DATASHEET
AG-FORCE l 4 X 1 Gallon icn3 icn2
AG-FORCE l 2 X 2.5 Gallon
AG-FORCE l 55 Gallon
AG-FORCE l 275 Gallon
AG-FORCE ll 2 X 2.5 Gallon icn3 icn2
AG-FORCE ll 30 Gallon
AG-FORCE ll 275 Gallon
AG-FORCE lll 2 X 2.5 Gallon icn2 icn2
AG-FORCE lll 275 Gallon
AG-FORCE lV 2 X 2.5 Gallon icn2 icn2
AG-FORCE lV 275 Gallon
AG-FORCE GT 2 X 2.5 Gallon icn2 icn2
AG-FORCE GT 275 Gallon
FFT ECSIA-FORCE Aquaculture 4 X 1 Gallon icn2
FFT ECSIA-FORCE Aquaculture 30 Gallon
FFT ECSIA-FORCE Aquaculture 275 Gallon
FFT ECSIA-FORCE Aquaculture Plus 4 X 1 Gallon icn2 icn2
FFT ECSIA-FORCE Aquaculture Plus 30 Gallon
FFT ECSIA-FORCE Aquaculture Plus 275 Gallon
FFT AG Product Data Sheets icn2